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Welcome to Industrial Equipment Company of Houston, Inc., one of the nations leading manufacturers representative and distribution companies. Our company was founded in 1936 and still maintains the fundamental principal of providing exceptional customer service. We have five offices throughout Texas and Louisiana, and each office maintains a large inventory. Our highly trained team of project engineers, sales engineers and service technicians are eager to assist you. Please contact one of our team members with your requirements.

Crystal Vs. Polymer IR Windows

In this video, IRISS Inc discusses the 10 advantages of polymer windows and how crystal IR windows are inferior to IRISS IR polymer windows in this e-learning series.


This is Iriss

Come on and take a look at what Iriss can do for you!

We are now distributors for Go-Switch

We are now distributor for Go-Switch ( Topworx line ).

Contact us for Go-Switch, Valvetop and Topworx VIP products.


From our Youtube channel

Check out this comment from our youtube page! Oh, and go watch the video.


Pro-Face LT4000 - Paperless Chart Recorder Application

Pro-Face by Schneider Electric

The Proface LT4000 HMI+Control product (5.7” or 3.5” Screen) has standard Analog and Discrete Inputs and Outputs for a wide range of transmitters and transducers such as T/C and RTD’s as well as programmable Voltage and Current inputs (4-20mA or 0-10Vdc). The HMI development software (GP-ProEX) allows you to program the LT4000 as a Paperless Chart Recorder to plot the inputs with any color, store them into a CSV and also program alarms on the Discrete I/O’s as well.

IRISS IR Windows Keep Thermographers Safe

IRISS products are simply Safer by Design! Thermographers can perform inspections with confidence knowing that IRISS polymer IR windows are impact resistant from both sides as per IEEE C37 20.2.a.3.6 unlike crystal windows.
See this video to see how.

Troubleshoot chatter in your ASCO solenoid valve

Solenoid valves will normally "hum" when energized.  But if your valve is making a chattering noise, this can cause premature failure in the solenoid valve or will not operate as expected. Watch the video to troubleshoot and fix this common problem.


Acura's PowerBrick 6.0 On Board Computer

Acura's PowerBrick

Hazardous Location Electric Actuator

Promation Engineering has introduced their Hazardous Location Electric Actuator.  Call us for more information 800-275-3181 or 713-928-3181.


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