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Hot Start Thermal Management

Hotstart thermal management solutions keep the world running. Hotstart is focused on delivering performance-improving heating and cooling technologies. This requires innovation beyond expectation and collaborative partnerships.
Customers depend on Hotstart for reliable thermal management of their critical systems. Their long legacy of engineering and manufacturing expertise is only part of the Hotstart story.  Behind everything they do is a commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and exceptional service.



Engine Heaters

HOTSTART’s externally mounted engine heaters circulate heated coolant throughout the engine block. Convection heating allows coolant to naturally rise from the heater and circulate through the engine’s water jacket without the use of a pump. HOTSTART thermosiphon engine heaters maintain an engine’s operating temperature during downtime and serve as an excellent cold weather or emergency starting aid while eliminating needless idling.

Temperature Controls

Control systems allow for quick electrical installation of all HOTSTART engine heaters. They are designed as a time and labor saving component. Control systems are especially useful on installations that require two coolant heaters or combinations of a coolant heater and oil heater/hydraulic heater etc. HOTSTART offers a variety of controls and accessories to complete your heating system. Temperature controls, magnetic contactors, junction boxes, wiring harnesses, power cords and complete control systems are designed to connect to HOTSTART heating systems to ensure proper and efficient operation.

Industrial Immersion Heaters

For many applications, industrial immersion heaters are the solution of choice to resist the effects of cold temperatures. Immersion elements are designed to transfer all energy directly into the medium which is being heated  making them both highly efficient and effective for preventing gelling and condensation. HOTSTART immersion heaters are manufactured with a fixed-setting thermostat. Some models may be available with an adjustable thermostat. All industrial immersion heaters are CSA approved.

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